clash of clans hackBoom Beach is identical to Clash of Clans when it comes to gameplay, however the current release is set in a fictionalized World War II-style universe.
Instead of raiding Viking villages, you strike island fortresses developed by the Nazi-like enemies or those of your friends. That may seem like a description for a hardcore game. However, like Zynga, Supercell utilizes a cartoon style for its characters, causing them to be more extensively appealing.

The game has two-dimensional images, however they look pretty, with translucent, 3D-like waves crashing on the beach. You set up defenses and production. After that, you need to advance. Enemies attack your base, however, you can join a clan to obtain more security.
The attacks are asynchronous, meaning they happen when you're not online. If an enemy destroys all of the buildings in your base, they win the battle. If you protect successfully, then you win. You may expand your island empire by taking over other islands in a big tropical archipelago.

Boom Beach features its own storyline to keep gamers engaged. The enemies are called the Blackguard. You need to read why they are enslaving the residents in search of ancient statues and life crystals. They have terrifying bosses and diabolical plans.

Boom Beach has that Supercell touch, since it concentrates on some distinctively enjoyable touchscreen mechanics. You've landing craft packed with soldiers that you could send at an invasion beach. You may also pound the ground defenses with your gunboat. The sound of gunfire and crashing shells are loud, and the music is whimsical.

You can constantly upgrade your buildings and troops. Those are simply the sort of characteristics which have kept Clash of Clans riding high.
But Clash of Clans, which introduced in mid-2012, scarcely appears in the top-free-apps list. Rather, it dominates the rankings of the top-grossing video games, which don't constantly get downloaded probably the most but monetize very well. Clash of Clans is a free-to-play title, however it creates plenty of revenue from in-app purchases.

That's simply because players want to get revenge against other people who attack them. And they're occasionally prepared to invest that privilege.
With Boom Beach, the monetization plan is comparable. However the game is a lot more interactive than Clash of Clans, in which you primarily concentrate on selecting which units to fight with and where to attack the enemy's defenses. With Boom Beach, the addition of the gunboat enables you to pick a strong point, like a machine gun nest or sniper tower, to pummel with shells.

You may only fire the gunboat a few times, and your troops need to attack. If they destroy more buildings, you'll be able to fire more gunboat shells.
You may also direct flares at selected focuses on you need your troops to attack, however, you only get a lot of flares. So, the gamer is a lot more active in the action of Boom Beach compared to Clash of Clans. The only issue with the combat system at this time is that the troops are extremely dumb to attack the weapons that are firing instantly at them.

They'll merely strike the nearest building.
The greater interactivity could bode well for Supercell, which includes lot money coming in from Clash of Clans, rated No. 1 on the top-grossing list on iOS, and Hay Day, which ranks No. 7 on the top-grossing list. Supercell are able to market Boom Beach at advertising rates that other developers can't pay for.

And with enhancements in mobile-ad targeting, Supercell can have an easier time attaining the right gamers with ads.
Boom Beach has a 4.4 out of 5 rating on iOS. If the game's charm is anything like Clash of Clans, it's going to probably obtain a huge following. So far, Supercell's performance is amazing for a company which includes around 190 or so employees. By comparison, its revenues were nearly as large as Zynga's last year, but Zynga has a lot more than 2,000 employees.

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