You should eat about 8 almonds each day. They contain the healthy fats that help keep us full. Nuts are also a great in between meal snack. Just make sure that you don't eat more than a handful per day.

While eggs are a great way to burn fat, you should eat breakfast religiously. It's how you start out your day, and it can help you shed those pounds when you get the initial energy. On the other hand; eggs are part of this list of fat burning foods because they contain tons of protein, but also B12. This helps break down fat cells and allow you to melt away the weight.

Lean Meat - Lean meats are high in protein and also aid in weight loss while at the same time helping to build muscle. If you are exercising and eating lean meat in your meals you will build muscle. The reason muscle is so effective in aiding weight loss is because muscle burns fat even while resting.

Carbs like whole grain products, brown rice and baby potatoes are the good carbs and they will keep you fuller for longer. Including them in your diet will ensure that you have all day energy and that you have no cravings.

Almond or Almond Butter Aside from making you feel full longer, it is filled with healthy fats. It is also very rich in niacin, a component that helps keep the digestive track working smoothly. And in addition to that, it prevents the bloating of the body.

Lean proteins - Lean protein are another super Losing Weight Foods. It is full of high quality protein that helps to build muscle mass that in

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